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Reservation Guidelines

Reservation Guidelines

When placing a reservation with our customer care, we recommend our clients to have the following information to complete their transportation booking.

  1. Client’s full name and phone number.
  2. Pickup time and address.
  3. Flight info and/or Airport Terminal.
  4. Type of vehicle desired.
  5. Billing information.
  6. Special instructions to driver.
  7. The name and phone number of the person making the reservation.

Cancellations & Changes:

All cancellations changes to existing reservation must be called in. We understand how important are travel plans to all our clients. Our goal is ensure that no miscommunication takes place. Do Not email Changes or Cancellations.

Cancellation of an existing reservation MUST be made 1 hour prior to pick-up time within 15 mile zone of SCS Transportation base and 2 hours prior to the scheduled pickup time when the pick-up is an airport or NYC run or greater than 15 miles of the base.

Wait Time:

The grace period for location pickup is 20 minute. Any time accumulated after the initial 20 minutes will be billed accordingly based on the normal hourly rate of the car.

All airport pickups have 45 mins for domestic and 60 mins for internationals grace periods.

Locating your driver:

Our drivers are highly trained and are following protocol when contacting clients. Should you not be able to find your driver, we recommend you call our office immediately. We have access to drivers’ location via GPS and we are constantly communicating with them via cell phones as well. Failure to call our office if contact cannot be made with our driver will not void the trip charges. We understand how crowded Airports and special events can be and we understand the inconvenience it may cause to both passengers and drivers but we are here to help.


GSCS’s is not responsible for lost or damaged items. We recommend that all client double check before leaving the car. Please call our agents immediately , we will be happy to assist you recover your items swiftly.

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